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Ever wonder where large dark pool money is buying and selling? See real time algorithm flow, dark pool and block trades. Get a Free 7 Day Trial because of our Affiliation with FlowTrade.

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We are one of the top affiliates for Flowtrade. Why? Because we were early adopters of this technology. No other platform lets you see the dark pool index in real time. Take their software for a spin. See how knowing what the algos and dark pools are doing, and going to do will can help you be a better trader. Then let us know what you think. Prepare to be amazed.

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Charts and Drawing Tools

Charting your stock or ETF to see what the algo line or dark pool index is doing. You can draw support and resistance lines and annotate the chart directly to determine trend, patterns, breakouts, and reversals.

Single or Multiple Layouts

Use one or view four charts to track your favorite stocks in real time, create watchlist or pick from the custom scanners that are available. Including a divergence scanner which finds plays for you in real time.

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Communication is everything, with your subscription comes access to the FlowTrade discord channel where traders communicate about the market in voice and chat rooms every day the market is open.

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