Dark Pool Charts & Dark Pool Algo

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We started out trading like most individuals, using trend lines, moving averages and other reactive indicators trying to get an edge on the stock market. While institutional money; hedge funds, large trading firms and market makers had an edge they use dark pools and block trades to control equities and bonds pricing outside of the open market.
Trying to be successful in the stock market when the odds are stacked against you like this is almost impossible, this is why most traders fail. Then we discovered the FlowTrade Algo a predictive price algorithm that tracks large institutions and hedge funds block trades and dark pool levels.
For the first time we are able to see what they are trading and at what levels. This gives us an additional edge to trading in the stock market. We are here to promote this software and show you how and where trading occurs that most retail traders are reacting to, it is like having a crystal ball and seeing into the future. Sign up for a free trial and see for yourself.

Our Values

1. Give every retail trader the same opportunity when possible to see what large institutional money is doing.

2. Provide information that you won’t find anywhere in the retail trading community.

3. Create an edge using a predictive indicator algorithm and show where the large trades occur.

4. Promote a free trial of services to “prove” the algo is legitimate and accurate.

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