Predicted Trades

Predicting Price Levels for Options Contracts.

Predicted Trades is a group of options traders that have developed a proprietary system for finding the best value an options contract will be. What that means is their system provides the options trader very specific levels at which to enter and exit and options trade. They have termed this system “Beast Levels”, and as their logo indicates it is like having a crystal ball being able to see in the future what the optimal entry for a specific strike would be.

They offer a variety of subscription services and have a discord server, unlike a lot of other alert services these traders are active in the voice channels every day and are willing to answer any questions to help lessen the learning curve. So far our experience with them has been super positive and encouraging. This service could be beneficial to new or experienced traders alike, and the level of support is outstanding. For more information click here to visit their website or sign up using the link below or enter “darkpool” at checkout to receive 10% the monthly services.

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Our Values

1. Give every retail trader the same opportunity when possible to see what large institutional money is doing.

2. Provide information that you won’t find anywhere in the retail trading community.

3. Create an edge using a predictive indicator algorithm and show where the large trades occur.

4. Promote a free trial of services to “prove” the Flow Trade algo is legitimate and accurate.

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