Beast numbers Chandler Horton uses at Simpler Trading

Beast Numbers in Options Trading

Options trading entries and exits are important for a winning strategy

In This Article We Review The Beast Numbers

If you’re like most traders on social media right now, you’re probably hearing a lot about options trading. Whether you are new to trading or have been trading for years. The goal we all have is the same keep your seat at the table and make more than you loose, the hottest new way of trading options is using the “Beast” Numbers.

What are the “Beast” Numbers?

I was first introduce to the Beast Numbers while listening to one of my favorite traders stream. These extremely accurate options strike prices were being used to take trades at levels I never thought possible. These predefined levels on large cap stocks fit my trading style and account size perfectly. Imaging trading GOOGL for a $150 investment. These trades resulted in 5x returns and opened the door for traders to an edge no one had seen before. Now the Options Trading Beast Numbers are available to the Public.

These Beast Numbers are mathematically generated predefined options strike costs that are accurate within a few pennies. A complete trading strategy with entry and exit levels that take the guess work out of finding the absolute best cost that options strike will be.

cost basis in options trading entries and exits
Beast numbers Chandler Horton uses at Simpler Trading
Google options 2900 Call. This “coupon” gives the owner the right to buy 100 shares of Google at $2900. Options Traders use these strikes to trade the premium. In this example the lowest cost would be $208 per contract and the highest sale price was $1760.00 per contract.

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Why Subscribe to the Predicted Trades Beast Number Service?

The above chart is a candlestick chart for the GOOGL Dec 17 2021 $2900 Call. What it is showing is a graphical representation of the options cost per contract. Options traders buy and sell these contracts similar to trading stock. Without going into the whole strategy behind options trading (I will do a post on this later) getting the best value makes the most sense.

With the “Beast” Numbers the trader is provided the optimal entry and exit levels for the stock options strike price. There is no other service out there that is as accurate with these levels, in the chart below you will see the price action for Google on the same day. You can see that price is consolidating and not giving you a trend direction, they call this chop and it is a momentum traders worst nightmare. As a trader being able to see the value of the options contract is holding while price whips around allows the trader to manage his risk reward more effectively and filter out the noise of traditional price action trading.

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options trading with looking at price action as a guide.
Consolidating price action also known as Chop is a momentum stock traders worst nightmare. This consolidation increases Implied Volatility and lowers premium. Causing options to lose value quicker.

How Trading The Beast Numbers Can Save You Time and Money

Following your rules when trading is imperative when trading stocks or options, entering a trade knowing the stock market is going to do what the stock market wants to do is a general rule of thumb, and can help with trading psychology. Often times a stock will continue to move in a direction you did not expect and with options trading your cost basis can quickly become zero. Seeing that the cost basis for the option you have selected is the best value available will help the trader not panic and exit a winning trade early, or get out of a trade quicker if needed. I trade the beast numbers and have wins exceeding 1400%. Not all trades are winners and this is not trading advice, but being able to see clearly defined entries and exits can help the newer trader develop an edge and stay away from the pitfalls and traps most inexperienced traders fall into.

Beast Numbers Conclusion

The Predicted Trades Beast Numbers can give you an edge in trading. Having clearly defined best value and entries and exits can save you time, frustration and money. The best thing you can do if you’re a new trader or an experienced one is give the beast numbers a try, most members have paid for the plan cost in their first trade, I will be looking at specific levels and posting them in our newsletter.


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