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This week will are looking at the following stocks for bullish or bearish moves. If you click on the image it will expand for you to get a closer look at the levels. Please be respectful of us and the other members and do not distribute this information. 😉 Special Bonus -Join us Monday – Friday 7:30am EST for a daily live stream stock picking session using the smart money dark pool and block trade software from FlowTrade.

I apologize for the past few weeks I have had some personal things come up and have now settled in to my new place. We will be doing the normal flow going forward. Thank You for your patience.

@DarkPoolAlgo is using magenta as the regular smart money algo line, and white bars for price action. The dark pool algo line is super complicated and erratic and most times will not be used.

For Week Ending 03/18/22


RBLX – This one is poised for a continuation after a possible pullback to the mean. We are looking to retrace to the daily 21EMA (the mean) $50.39. We are trading at -1.5ATR and this could be support. The Ready Aim Fire and slingshot squeeze getting ready to setup after a minor downcycle. ATR of $5 means we can move with any volume, so be prepared to play up and down.

Support using the Keltner channels has us at the 4hr cloud bottom major support we are below the daily cloud if this holds we see a move up to $40 then $42.50. If we break below that 4hr cloud we have do not have any other major kelts to provide support — ouch.

The 15 min algo is bullishly diverged and has been net buying making higher lows and higher highs, we have a stair step of regular block trades that could become resistance on the way up. $39.24, $41.47, $42.41.


TDOC – Nice reversal from -3 ATR we have room up to the 21 EMA, 50SMA at $133. Daily ATR of $6.75 allows for solid daily moves. Squeeze is getting ready to fire off and we have a solid Elliot Wave pattern happening.

Support using the Keltner Channels has us at the 4hr Keltner Channel Bottom, then a tough rally to get through the weekly bottom on way to take out previous highs and the Daily KC bottom

The 15min algo is massively bullish diverged and we are at a Dark Pool Block Trade support level $109.08 With White Line block trade targets on the way up at $117.24


FUTU – Pulled back to -3ATR on some bad earnings and looks heavy, below the 50, 200 SMA on the daily. We broke support and either reverse here, and rally to the 21 EMA on daily – $39.43. The Ready Aim Fire is slowly curling around and we have the squeeze histogram about to curl up no real squeezes to help. This is purely a look for quick pop type of play

Support using the Keltner Channels has us way below the 4hr bottom but on top of the Monthly Cloud bottom where we either hold here or fall into the monthly cloud. We need to rally to and through the 4hr bottom at $27-28 then continue to work our way up to the weekly cloud top around $30 I do not expect much more from it. IF we break below $24 watch out this had no other support from the kelts.

The 15min algo is net buying and just broke out of a long term net selling. We have 2 dark pool block trades at $28.49 and $25.42 that can act as a magnet resistance and support. The FlowIndex is doing a good job of making higher highs and higher lows.


MRTX – We are trading just below the Daily 21EMA and POC $89.50 there may be a pullback or just launching so stick to your plan and support resistance levels. The Ready AIM Fire is curling aroundand the Squeeze Pro is neutral and increasing we may get a down the up week. Read on to the FlowIndex report.

Support using the Keltner Channels has us just above the 4hr bottom where we may fall and move to the bottom of the daily KC bottom at $78.5. or we move up from here to the 4hr mid $84 and 4hr top $88 max.

The 15min algo is super BULLISH and diverged, previous divergences have been played out so any volume and momentum can really move this stock. We have a dark pools at $84.65 that should act as a magnet.


ASAN – We are trading well below the 21EMA which is the Daily mean. We have traded down to -2 ATR and I am going to watch for a quick pop retest move back to the 21 EMA $54, this is also really close to the 50SMA. POC at $54 so way above price acting as a magnet. Ready Aim Fire may do a quick downside move and the Squeeze on the Daily has has nothing to help lift this up.

Support using the Keltner Channels has us right below the 4hr bottom if we get through this we can see the weekly cloud bottom and could be setting up a move back up to the daily bottom cloud at $40-41 is a major convergence of Kelt levels so that is our first target. If we can get back into the Daily cloud at $41 then we can look at 4hr Top as the final move $46, if we fail to get going into the 4hr bottom draw a trendline from previous lows and watch them melt this down slowly.

The 15min algo was trading with price action and is now diverged bullish and curled up, previous divergences have been played out so any volume and momentum can help move us up. No Dark pools in the last 5 days but there is a regular block at $37.01 so purely price driven and looking to wedge break up to the long side be sure to check trendline support as well.

Algos and Dark Pools are getting smoothed again..

SPY – Well the FlowIndex is trading with price and we have a nice vertical downward move into the end of Friday. We are testing trendline support and the FlowIndex is finally above price. We have I believe unfilled blocks, notice the white dots at the Dark Pool Levels. Check the $425.50 level on your charts. I wanna see the FlowIndex continue to make higher highs and higher lows, make sure you get in and out like a rollercoaster.

After another week of choppiness lets me use one of my favorite tools for this is Fibonacci. I plan on getting more aggressive as we get pullbacks as buying opportunities.

QQQ – I don’t remember the last time we had nice divergence on the QQQ, but I have noticed if these little squares appear they can act as a magnet for price action, if that is the case we can expect a nice little rally up to $335.07. We need to find some support first but the Flow Index Algorithm finally crossed up and over price I will be looking for longs off support levels this week.

IWM -Maybe some signs of recovery? After all small caps ran wild last week. I am of the opinion we get some downside moves and rotation out of small caps this week ahead of FOMC on March 16th where we expect the Fed Reserve to announce interest rate hikes, small caps can really feel the impact of this, see the bearish divergence on the Flow Index?

Again, I remind you that using FlowTrade yourself to monitor the algo and dark pool trend is going to give you the most confidence, if you check them weekly and study their behavior. It will take time for you to learn. Don’t trade while you are learning and don’t let a tool confirm your bias, or keep you in trade that isn’t panning out. Risk management is key for any trading strategy. I have seen some folks rush into using the software without really exercising patience. Seek to scrutinize everything. Review the sector ETFs, commodity ETFs, Individual stock leaders and see for yourself, and pick the strongest divergent or confluent stocks you can find to trade.

FlowTrade should be an important part of your setup going into the end of the year. Get your Free Trial HERE

SP500 chart
SPY looking to be drawn up to the block level of unfilled orders around $425.50
QQQ white dots have appeared to be magnets to those block trade levels in the past.
IWM bearish divergence and that straight drop is concerning ahead of this weeks FOMC meeting.

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