Dark Pool Block Trades

Why we choose to use FlowTrade

The Last Predictive System You’ll Ever Need

Predictive, not a lagging indicator.

The Flow Index is a predictive indicator. Unlike normal lagging indicators such as Simple Moving Average, Exponential moving averages or even MACD. The Flow Index show in real time what big money is doing.

Dark Pools

See in real time what direction these private exchanges are trading. These institutional investors do not want to impact the markets with their large orders, why not trade the same direction as them.

Block Trades

These significantly large trades done outside of open markets allow big money to maintain the pricing. Watch and trade with these block trade levels.

Intelligent Scanners

Scan for specific levels of a stocks price action, monitor and update your trade list all in the same dashboard.

Chart Tools

Draw support and resistance levels right on the dark pool block trade chart. See where trend divergence occurred and see levels where the Flow Index is going to trade back to.

Simply Amazing

Being able to see what big money is doing has helped me stay in trades longer and get out before the rest of the market does
Mike Langone
New retail trader

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