How To See Dark Pool Trades

Who doesn’t want to know how to see dark pool trades? I sure did. The quickest and easiest way to peek into the world of “unlit” markets is to find a tool that can. And we have such a tool at our disposal called FlowTrade, which gives us data as its reported. These types of prints or trades are the most important types of trades.
flowtrade dark pool blocks
Once you are on the platform simply click the BLOCKS section to reveal the the Dark Pool Scanner and start seeing trades. I have filtered by $SLV today because mining stocks are very popular with increased sentiment and high relative volume.

By default, all trades are shown. So you’ve got a scanner that is going to show you all block and dark pool prints that are over 100,000 shares. That is the minimum that will show up. Are there smaller trades in the dark pool that are less than 100,000 shares? Absolutely, but we can’t see those, any because they are so small, we really don’t care to see them either.

Here you see all is checked by default.

Dark Pool Prints Revealed

Next, you’ll want to check the DARK toggle to only see dark pool prints. From here, you can sort by 100k, 500k, or 1 million and up share trades. Below you’ll see I am only looking at size of 1M+. These are the biggest trades on the market happening in real time reporting, though sometimes DELAYED dark pool prints come through. You know they are delayed because they have a reported price that is far away from the actual current price of the stock. Dark pool trades can take up to 24 hours to be reported to the market. No fair, right?

How To See Dark Pool Trades In Real Time

So, you see it’s pretty simple to see dark pool trades in real time. You just need a subscription to Flowtrade, and to practice using the scanner. Don’t forget to click on “Show More Block Trades” so you can see extra trades that have hit on the scanner previously. Also know that not every stock has dark pool activity. Some are penny stocks, or are on OTC exchanges, and the dark pool institutions are not interested in trading them.

You’ll also see me post tweets like this on Twitter:

Reveal more trades by clicking Show More Block Trades in yellow above.

The columns above show symbol, dark pool “yes”, size = shares. Price is the price reported for the trade, value is the dollar amount of the trade, and time is in Eastern Standard Time with the date reported.

If you want a good site for totaling your columns up, simply copy and paste your data into google sheets. (It’s free) Then, highlight the column you want to have total. I like finding the total of the VALUE column and seeing how much money was in the dark pool. Copy only that column like so:

Next you want to paste it into column calculator site I found.

Paste your copied google sheets data into this section. It will auto calculate and spit the numbers out below and show you how it did so.

Conclusion For Finding Dark Pool Trades

I hope you enjoyed this quick little lesson on using the scanner and finding those trades in the wild. I will say, being able to keep tabs on activity in the dark pool has certainly elevated my game. It’s one small piece of the puzzle only, but when added to your set of tools, can be a game changer.

A few things to keep in mind. The dollar volume of where dark pool prints or trades take place. Also keep an eye on how many are actual fresh trades vs delayed prints. Delayed prints show where trades already happened, but were hidden from us retail traders. Fresh prints are fast, conviction prints that are reported fairly quickly. These act as intraday support or resistance. Talk to you soon.


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