NOK Dark Pool Activity

The dark pool activity has finally raised my eyebrows a bit in this last week. Today, we saw a follow through on that activity, which is why I am always telling folks, you have to follow the charts and get in shares once you see a relatively strong move on the dark pool activity. Let’s look at the tweet I posted last week on July 9th 2021.

I post these charts a lot on fintwit.

Nokia’s dark pool activity saw a serious uptick. The purple indicator (a setting on FlowTrade) shows that there was an increased flow of dark activity which means that even despite the ranging trade, the dark pools had the expectation of higher prices. Not many tools will let you see this type of activity, especially for retail traders. Looking at the pattern before the gap up today, was there anyway to know $NOK would gap up without having this software? Not that I know of. Here’s the regular chart:

Finviz has great charts and a good pattern scanner. Note the gap up away from the resistance trend line

Most of $NOK’s orders that come through in the dark pool are small. Meaning we rarely see large dark pool prints that are reported all at once. Read about how to see dark pool trades for more info. So, most of what we see on large block trades, which happen in the regular market (lit market) Institutions are pretty busy with these types of trades, showing an increase size and frequency lately:

$NOK block trade ledger from the last week. Decent sized prints coming through in the 5.80s. If this level holds, I expect 6, 7 and 8 later this year.

$NOK Dark Pool Activity Today

The chart today was very telling. We knew we staying long our shares today even though the morning was quite choppy. The reason being we can see what the HFT (high frequency trading) computers were doing intraday. Look at the 1 minute chart below. The white line shows how aggressive the algos were throughout the day.

FlowTrade Intraday chart of $NOK

The 15 minute was fantastic with the follow through too. Check it out:

The purple line is the dark pool indicator and the white line is the 10 day average, when you see the purple line move above the white line it typically is showing a buy signal. This works on both time frame charts. (1 and 15)

Now, the gap on $NOK was caused by news. But the NOK dark pool activity saw it before the news…

If you didn’t heaer, Nokia, a Finland-based telecommunications company, saw its shares soar 9.4% on Tuesday 7/13 in the morning after announcing it will raise guidance for 2021 projections. Big money, and Redditors rejoiced with buying the stock.
Moody’s has reaffirmed their A3 long term issuer credit rating and stable outlook
The release states that “Nokia continued strength in business” during Q2 2019 despite recent declines in global industry demand.

TipRanks shows mostly buy ratings and a few holds. I like how the site breaks down information. I am thinking of making a profile there in the future.

Try TipRanks here.
The $NOK dark pools look great post earnings. Notice the increase into this range above 6. Looking for consolidation and a move higher as we have broke a major resistance on the monthly. 7/30/2021

Nokia has been climbing the charts since the big meme stock craze of late January. Since the massive pullback, Nokia is now at its highest level since then, making it once again interesting to the memestock crowd, especially as $AMC has been falling. $NOK is trading above all its daily moving averages so that is an extra plus.

Now I don’t know what will happen day after day, but I do know how to read what is happening, and right now, the dark pool activity in NOK is hot! If you want to track it yourself, you know what you need to do. Build some software. Just kidding. I know you’d rather just use the software yourself. Try it and let me know what you think! See you next time.


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