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How do you like your coffee? Oatly (NASDAQ:OTLY) is the world’s largest producer of oat milk and oat based products. The company is based out of Malmo, Sweden and made its debut on the U.S. markets back in May of this year. The stock hit the ground running but has pulled back after the initial IPO-hype wore off. Now, the company is valued at a rich $11 billion valuation, which puts it ahead of its plant-based rival, Beyond Meat (NASDAQ:BYND). 

So what’s all the hype about?

Non-dairy milks have gained global popularity and continue to take market share from traditional dairy milk. An estimated 68% of the world’s population suffers from some form of lactose intolerance or malabsorption, including major populations like Asia and Africa. Oatly is an industry leader and first mover, and investors are hoping to take advantage of this new secular trend.

Oatly has secured several high-end partnerships including being a global distributor to multiple regions for Starbucks (NASDAQ:SBUX). This partnership includes the very lucrative markets of the U.S., Europe, and China, the latter of which has several menu items that are made specifically for the Oatly product. 

Oatly is also environmentally friendly as the production of oat milk uses an estimated 60% less energy and 80% less land than other alternative milks. The company has its fair share of big-name private investors as well: from celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Jay-Z, and noted vegan activist Natalie Portman, to institutional names like the Blackstone Group.

OTLY Trading Activity

Charts for stocks that haven’t traded for long on the markets are often not indicative of any sort of patterns or trends that we want to rely upon. Since peaking at a high of $29.00, Oatly has broken down into a bearish downtrend, which is fairly common following a high profile IPO. After a month of decline, OTLY seems to have found some support around the $18.70 price level. The RSI is dipping into oversold territory and the MACD still remains bearish which indicates that OTLY may consolidate before trending back up. 

Since OTLY is such a newly public company, a lot of the data is either not available or not reliable. So far it looks like 0.00% of OTLY’s outstanding shares are owned by insiders. This is most likely due to a set period of time around the IPO in which insiders cannot trade the stock. Institutions own about 3.4% of outstanding shares, and the short float percentage is low, at just 1.0%. 

Dark Pool Charts

Now we hope you can see why using this dark pool data can be invaluable to our trading process. If you are an options trader, dark pool charts can alert you to things like options sweeps and large call or put contract blocks. If you can get in while options premiums are still low, you will have a serious edge over other retail traders. FlowTrade is the ultimate smart money algorithm that can provide real time dark pool data and flow. The intuitive user-friendly platform allows you to track four different stocks simultaneously on your computer and even track via your mobile phone, with plenty of scanners and even the ability to draw your own stock charts. Try a free 7-day trial today and see why tracking algos and dark pools is a great way to track the smart money and see where that flow is heading before anyone else on the market!

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