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  • Algorithmic analysis and review of the major dark pool and block trades.
  • Laboratory level technical analysis of each stock.
  • Get our hand selected stock picks with the strongest signals.
  • Objective deep dive reviews direct from our personal watch list.
  • SPY¬†analysis and market conditions. (bonus material)

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What’s up traders!? After hundreds of hours behind the charts, I am proud to announce a darkpoolcharts newsletter. In our newsletter we will provide access to a weekly review of the technical setups we are looking to trade for the upcoming week. We do this by hand picking and analyzing dark pool and block trade levels, as well as taking a deep dive into the algorithmic activity from the previous days, weeks or months. We spend no less than 20 hours a week watching the charts to decipher and decode the markets secrets so you don’t have to.

Coming Soon –¬† Weekly video review, weekend live charting streams. We are busy in the lab getting these items set up.