December 8, 2020|Current Charts

Spy Dark Pool activity with algo indicator shown. 

Keeping track of the algo activity is a must for any day or swing trader. $SPY bearish divergence has been strong since 11/18. Of course, the tape can be bullish, while Algos are selling. 

12-8-20 $SPY 15 Minute Chart (Algo indicator)
12-8-20 $SPY 15 Minute Chart (Algo indicator)

Always remember, the charts we cover here are stocks. Not options. They are not time sensitive. They can stay divergent longer than you can stay solvent if you are already short (jump the gun), and it hasn’t broken a support yet. 

Algos don’t feel pain. They bought lower than you, always, and they sell earlier than you too. They buy weakness and sell strength. So wait until you see a solid signal to sell. We’ll cover that in future posts.

Todays Dark Pool Trades on $SPY:

Bye for now. I’ll update the blog weekly with some time stamped charts so you can see how this all comes together. Stay tuned, it’s gonna be enlightening. 

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