December 11, 2020|Current Charts

Hi All. After two days of a technical problem with reporting dark pool prints and block trades, I am happy to say its working normal again. Here are some of the top charts I can find with positive algo flow and big dark pool prints.

$NFLX Dark Pool Chart
Here we see a positive flow on the algo line (white blue)

$NFLX saw a 500k dark pool print today that struck at 500.24….worth 250 million.  Netflix’s primary business is a streaming video on demand service now available in almost every country worldwide except China.

Today $NFLX might of seen a boost due to $DIS with there incredible report of gaining subscribers. Here was some of the bullish options Flow on $NFLX from Benzinga on Friday::

Netflix Option Alert: Dec 18 $500 Calls Sweep (22) near the Ask: 240 @ $10.901 vs 3727 OI; Earnings 1/19 After Close [est] Ref=$502.2Signals3:19:15pmNFLXNetflix Option Alert: Dec 18 $500 Puts at the Bid: 400 @ $9.4 vs 2602 OI; Earnings 1/19 After Close [est] Ref=$500.69Signals3:19:03pmNFLXNetflix Option Alert: Dec 18 $500 Calls at the Bid: 400 @ $10.1 vs 3727 OI; Earnings 1/19 After Close [est] Ref=$500.67Signals2:35:16pmNFLXNetflix Option Alert: Fri $497.5 Puts Sweep (16) near the Bid: 495 @ $0.533 vs 1107 OI; Earnings 1/19 After Close [est] Ref=$500.18Signals1:50:59pmNFLX Option Alert: Mar 19 $535 Calls Sweep (3) near the Ask: 300 @ $27.0 vs 423 OI; Earnings 1/19 After Close [est] Ref=$495.97Signals12:46:14pmNFLXNetflix Option Alert: Mar 19 $530 Calls at the Ask: 275 @ $28.7 vs 661 OI; Earnings 1/19 After Close [est] Ref=$495.94Signals12:45:10pmNFLXNetflix Option Alert: Mar 19 $510 Calls at the Ask: 1900 @ $36.3 vs 2109 OI; Earnings 1/19 After Close [est] Ref=$495.86Signals12:37:48pmNFLXNetflix Option Alert: Dec 31 $465 Puts at the Ask: 200 @ $5.55 vs 109 OI; Earnings 1/19 After Close [est] Ref=$495.86 

$MSFT Dark Pool Chart

$MSFT saw the algos start to buy towards the end of the week. A large dark pool order hit at  210.91  for 950,000 shares. Lets look at a 1 min chart below of the algo flow into the stock and how it grinded higher throughout the afternoon:

$MSFT 1 min algo flow chart

$SPY had almost 3 billion in fresh dark pool prints that acted as support today. 

$SPY dark pool falling wedge breakout
$SPY dark pool falling wedge breakout

We may see some protection next week in this zone especially since the algos have been happily taking profits and letting the bulls rest a little bit. Bears want a gap down in futures and $SPY Monday Morning, but because we have a J jook on the 15 minute algo, I don’t think this will happen yet. Falling Wedge breakouts on the algo line can be profitable when played properly (always check 1 min and 15 min on FlowTrade before you get into a trade)

$FB 1 min chart to illustrate a nice divergent bullish setup
$FB 1 min chart to illustrate a nice divergent bullish setup

$FB 15 min below saw about 450 million in dark pool money flow in a area it has flowed in the past. I really would of liked a J hook today for a bullish Monday, but its still behaving in a way that is typical for Facebook and revolves around buying weakness and selling strength in little 1-2 week rotations. Algos are risk off on this at the end of the day probably for fear of negative headlines… they’ll probably buy those too. Remember they are playing their game.

Next, gotta at least LOOK at $DIS. I traded it today short at the opening, closed and went long for obvious reasons. Lets peek at the 15 first:

$DIS dark pool Chart Dec 11 2020

 134,672  dark pool shares were traded @ 168 at 10:05 EST. You’ve never seen shorts cover so quickly in your life.

One more chart on $AMZN – a follower of mine asked how you would play this,

TIP: DO NOT ZOOM IN TOO MUCH ON FLOWTRADE. Try to keep the left margin and right margins in full frame, if you zoom in too far the algo line is harder to read in relationship to your price bars. Zoom in and out to see what I mean. 

That’s all for now. I am going to look at the scanner/watch list this weekend and try to find some reversal plays, dip buys for swings and prepare to play some longs. Have a great weekend.

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