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Here is a look at last weeks watchlist – 5 for 5 wins

This week will are looking at the following stocks for bullish or bearish moves. If you click on the image it will expand for you to get a closer look at the levels. Please be respectful of us and the other members and do not distribute this information. 😉 Special Bonus -Join us Monday – Friday 7:30am EST for a daily live stream stock picking session using the smart money dark pool and block trade software from FlowTrade.

This week I spent some extra time doing a deep dive video with chapters, please reverence that. IF this format works better we will be implementing a hybrid approach. I am tempted to start updating the website either nightly or every morning with the top stocks for that day. PLEASE leave a comment in the video letting us know if you want this feature into the new year!

@DarkPoolAlgo is using magenta as the regular smart money algo line, and the yellowish is the dark pool algo line. The dark pool algo line is super complicated and erratic. I am placing it on the charts to show potential deviation in direction only.

For week ending 12/17/21


COIN – Possible downside move to $290 to confirm the Daily 50 SMA as support, that would be -2 ATR away from the 21 Daily EMA. That level is also the 4hr 200SMA so a ton of support there.

Support using the Keltner channels means the move down to $290 is outside of the Daily KC and invalidates the KC move. IF we get back above the 4hr bottom at $305 we can see a move to $315, then $330

The 15 min algo is steady bullish diverged and has been net buying since the 19th. We are in a wedge and we have regular block at $327.01, $333.75


TDOC – Nice reversal from -3 ATR we have room up to the 21 EMA, 50SMA at $133. Daily ATR of $6.75 allows for solid daily moves. Squeeze is getting ready to fire off and we have a solid Elliot Wave pattern happening.

Support using the Keltner Channels has us at the 4hr Keltner Channel Bottom, then a tough rally to get through the weekly bottom on way to take out previous highs and the Daily KC bottom

The 15min algo is massively bullish diverged and we are at a Dark Pool Block Trade support level $109.08 With White Line block trade targets on the way up at $117.24


ABNB – What a pullback to the Daily 200 SMA and -2 ATR. If we reverse here I like the 50 SMA as first target, then up to the 21 EMA. Daily ATR of $9.75 we have a wide range of movement. $172 is target 1, then VWAP and POC is target 2 at $192

Support using the Keltner Channels has us inside the 4hr Bottom, Daily Bottom. We have room to move up to the 4hr mid and then 4hr top to hit our targets above.

The 15min algo is net buying and stair stepping its way up, super bullishly diverged and dragging price up with it towards Regular block trade levels of $181.66, $190.26 with a white line level at $191.61


SPLK – Trading way below -3 ATR and everything being seriously oversold, we are looking to play the reversal. $122 is support and we have earnings coming up soon. $141.50 is POC and the upside target. Hitting this and we hit the Daily 200 SMA as well. RAF is curling and looking to turn around. First target is previous lows then VWAP Monthly at $145

Support using the Keltner Channels has price moving just into the 4hr bottom with resistance of the 4hr mid and Weekly bottom at $127.50 then up to the 4hr top at $130 ish

The 15min algo is diverged and stair stepping vertically, indicates lots of inflow. We have been consolidating for several days. Regular block trade support at $125.07 and Dark Pool target at $132.49


NOW – With a Daily ATR of $18, we have range. We pulled back to -3 ATR and held support, the RAF Pro is curling up and getting ready to fire a reversal signal. There is a 2hour TTM Squeeze getting ready to fire off and propel us upward. $660 upside target if we are bullish

Keltner Channel support at the 4hr and Daily bottom. If we move up above $650 we have range up to the 4hr mid then the Monthly cloud breakout up to the 4hr top at $660ish

The 15min algo is still bullish diverged and stair stepping its way up. We have Dark pool support resistance if we get to the $679.25 level and $692.55

Algos and Dark Pools are getting smoothed again..

SPY – The algo is trading with price action and is super choppy. Currently down pointing, SPY has an upside gap to fill and is being held up by dark pool block trades.

After another week of choppiness lets me use one of my favorite tools for this is Fibonacci. I plan on getting more aggressive as we get pullbacks as buying opportunities.

QQQ – We have been trading with price action for the last couple days. The Algo is making lower lows and lower highs, and price action is now following it. Multiple dark pool and block trades are providing support and we can get heavy if we take out previous lows.

IWM -Well its about time the divergence is super bullish finally. Dark pool support and the algo being vertical leads me to look into smaller caps this upcoming week. I wish AMC was not so heavily weighted in IWM

Again, I remind you that using FlowTrade yourself to monitor the algo and dark pool trend is going to give you the most confidence, if you check them weekly and study their behavior. It will take time for you to learn. Don’t trade while you are learning and don’t let a tool confirm your bias, or keep you in trade that isn’t panning out. Risk management is key for any trading strategy. I have seen some folks rush into using the software without really exercising patience. Seek to scrutinize everything. Review the sector ETFs, commodity ETFs, Individual stock leaders and see for yourself, and pick the strongest divergent or confluent stocks you can find to trade.

FlowTrade should be an important part of your setup going into the end of the year. Get your Free Trial HERE

SPY – hanging on dark pool support
QQQ – trying to make higher lows and higher highs
IWM – at dark pool support this week.

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