Weekly Watchlist – Week Ending 11/05/21

Welcome! Here is What’s On Watch This Week..

This week will are looking at the following stocks for bullish or bearish moves. If you click on the image it will expand for you to get a closer look at the levels. Please be respectful of us and the other members and do not distribute this information. 😉 Special Bonus -Join us Monday – Friday 8:30am EST for a daily live stream stock picking session using the smart money dark pool and block trade software from FlowTrade.

Please take a minute to review the images, if you click on them they will enlarge. I have added a new options algo flow vs price action images lots of data available. ALSO there are zip files attached to the review, please download them as they have a bunch of data inside. I have add some ADR screenshots since that market is coming back to life, notable $JD has strong bullish 15min Algo divergence.

@DarkPoolAlgo is using magenta as the regular smart money algo line, and the yellowish is the dark pool algo line. The dark pool algo line is super complicated and erratic. I am placing it on the charts to show potential deviation in direction only.

For week ending 11/05/21


BYND – Stacked positive moving averages, and we broke above the 200SMA on the 15 min chart. Also have a cup and handle setup on the same time frame. POC of the highest volume is at $98.60 nice setup for the reversion rally to the mean(21 EMA on Daily) at $101.50 Looking to break up above the current supply zone that we are in and rally to the 34EMA which is below the 50SMA no the Daily. Slight pullback and then rally is what I am looking at for this week.

The 15min algo has a nice uptrend pulling price action with it, price is resting at a dark pool block $98.62 with regular block trade resistance at $100.18 and DP at $100.50 above that we start to fill a massive gap. If we break below DP support $98.63 next DP level is $96.05


ZM – We have some overhead resistance on the way up immediately we have POC at $276 and VWAP at $278 we have to get through that for a continuation up. We are at the mean right now and want these lower time frame setups to play out to move us up. $277.50 is my entry level for longs that is the 200SMA on the 15min chart with room all the way up to $282.50(TP1) and then $287.50 final destination.

The 15min algo is bullish diverged from price and has broken out of Dark Pool and Block Trade levels. The DP levels are $276.33 and $279.70. Regular blocks at $277.58 and $278.70, price action in a wedge and setting up the “Wu”


ABNB – Stacked positive moving averages and a fib target at $171.91 is the short term target, looking for the 50SMA to bounce off the 200SMA on the 15min chart. Daily slingshot squeeze about to fire off, pushing us through the overhead VWAP on the daily, price is getting smushed between that and the 50SMA

The 15min algo finally broke away from price and is making higher highs and higher lows. If price can get above the Dark Pool block at $170.33 and the Regular block at $170.66 then we should be able to keep moving up, price is choppy so quick plays are on the menu.


DASH – Believe it or not price is slightly below POC $196, above that we start to revert to the mean 21 EMA on the daily which is also VWAP $205.32 area. We are way below the 200SMA on the 15minute chart and once we have MACD crossover and slingshot squeeze release we can play the move up to the 200SMA as long as we maintain the 50SMA price likes the $5 moves from with $200 acting as a magnet.

The 15min algo is at support and trying to make higher highs and lows if we can break above resistance that should pull price away from current Dark Pool Support $194.80 above regular block resistance $196, contrarian if we break down we have to re-analyze the play as we are at a double bottom.


TWLO – Interesting spot here after a massive drop. POC below us at $285.73 on the daily. We have room to run up to the 200SMA on the 15min chart $300 is a magnet and previous support resistance I like the move to that at least this week. Got stacked moving averages and slingshot squeeze on the 15.

The 15min algo is has recovered after a flash crash, price in wedge and regular block support below us at $284.93 and $286.25 MASSIVE gap to fill on the way up.

Algos and Dark Pools are getting smoothed again..

SPY continued the rally towards another ATH and while we are outside the top of the Daily Keltner Channel we have the Weekly as resistance now.

After another week of making all time highs it would be healthy for some retracement, one of my favorite tools for this is Fibonacci. I plan on getting more aggressive as we get pullbacks as buying opportunities.

QQQ making all time highs again, with dark pool support a pullback at this point would be the best thing for the market to finish strong this year. Look to the favorites to continue on.

IWM had a great week but continues to make higher highs and higher lows with a $3.5 ATR it seems to be trading up and down strong divergence and my favorite of the sectors this week.

Here are the Sector Downloads$SPY, $IWM, $QQQ

Here are the ADR’s of interest this week, $JD, $BABA, $BIDU, $PDD – I see some strength taking hold in these names and like JD the most, it has some serious bullish divergence and should play nice this week.

Again, I remind you that using FlowTrade yourself to monitor the algo and dark pool trend is going to give you the most confidence, if you check them weekly and study their behavior. It will take time for you to learn. Don’t trade while you are learning and don’t let a tool confirm your bias, or keep you in trade that isn’t panning out. Risk management is key for any trading strategy. I have seen some folks rush into using the software without really exercising patience. Seek to scrutinize everything. Review the sector ETFs, commodity ETFs, Individual stock leaders and see for yourself, and pick the strongest divergent or confluent stocks you can find to trade.

FlowTrade should be an important part of your setup going into the end of the year. Get your Free Trial HERE

$SPY – little choppy with the algo this week.
QQQ – at all time highs and the algo is moving with price
IWM – looks strong going into this week.

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