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Welcome! Here is What’s On Watch This Week..

This week will are looking at the following stocks for bullish or bearish moves. If you click on the image it will expand for you to get a closer look at the levels. Please be respectful of us and the other members and do not distribute this information. 😉 Special Bonus -Join us Monday – Friday 8:30am EST for a daily live stream stock picking session using the smart money dark pool and block trade software from FlowTrade.

Please take a minute to review the images, if you click on them they will enlarge. I have added a new options algo flow vs price action images lots of data available. ALSO there are zip files attached to the review, please download them as they have a bunch of data inside. I have add some ADR screenshots since that market is coming back to life, notable $JD has strong bullish 15min Algo divergence.

@DarkPoolAlgo is using magenta as the regular smart money algo line, and the yellowish is the dark pool algo line. The dark pool algo line is super complicated and erratic. I am placing it on the charts to show potential deviation in direction only.

For week ending 11/12/21


BIDU – Above $163.65 for longs taking advantage of the 5th wave move, that is a rally above the 200SMA on the 15min chart. ATR of $5.80 a day we have room to move up to the daily top at $180. Current support at the Daily Keltner Channel bottom, we have to get through the weekly mid at $165 for that move up. Pay attention to the flow of price action looks very channel(ish)

The 15min algo has a nice “Wu” pattern reversal and price is at a regular block level support $158.23 there is white line level to be aware of at $162.58, mark that on your chart. I like the Dark pool $165.28 first target.


FVRR – First and foremost earnings, secondly support at the weekly Keltner Channel bottom, this is massive. We need to move back up into the daily KC bottom for a trend reversal, $6.9 ATR lets up know this one can move. I like the move up to the daily mid at $180. We are resting at a demand zone see the Trendspider chart, we have a micro supply zone at the 200SMA above that we start to move.

The 15min algo has some juicy divergence and no real block trades to help us out. So with these plays its important to draw levels at previous key inflection points. So premarket highs, and lows.


Z – After a massive miss on earnings we are looking for a reversal here. Potential Wu reversal and rally to the daily mean. Be careful this can go either way targeting the previous high at $70 for confirmation. ATR $7 daily means we have a chance to make large moves this week. We have to get above the directional 200SMA for me to be interested long, above $71.50 to be safe.

The 15 algo is rocketing yeah I know I used the word rocket. Elliot wave is more accurate in regards to the move the algorithm is making. Multiple white line support resistance and dark pool target at $70 ish on the way up to the regular block trade level of $74 then gap filling.


LOGI – Slower moving stock $2 ATR we are in weird position, below most Keltner Channel levels for support so be careful. Above $84 we get back into the daily kelts, and move toward the monthly mid, weekly bottom targets. Be nimble if you have to play the downside don’t get to directional biased. The directional 200SMA is at $81.50 so I will wait for a move above that before I commit long.

The 15min algo has some nice bullish divergence and a possible consolidation squeeze breakout. I will target highs and lows of previous price action. Higher highs and higher lows look super solid.


RNG – EARNINGS this week – Nice pullback last week with earnings coming up, a couple things can happen here. Head and shoulder and downside target of the daily bottom at $228 is the bearish move. If this level of support holds we can rally up to the Daily Keltner Channel top and weekly mid targeting the $252 We may be in an extended downtrend so look for a possible move to the downside look for downtrend support then a bounce back. So we are in the demand zone looking to rally to the supply zone at $243.50

The 15min algorithm is making super nice bullish moves with regular block trade support at $234.50 which is also previous bottom if you look at the algo chart you see price action had a head and shoulder so this could be the pullback from it. Be nimble and play the chart in front of you.

Algos and Dark Pools are getting smoothed again..

SPY – more all time highs, however the daily candle is a reversal candle, it might make sense to look at the pullback support area that is the weekly and daily Keltner Channel top at $464, ATR $3.70 means we can make moves to the upside and downside. A healthy pullback is good for the overall market and can assist in continued moves to the upside

After another week of making all time highs it would be healthy for some retracement, one of my favorite tools for this is Fibonacci. I plan on getting more aggressive as we get pullbacks as buying opportunities.

QQQ – more all time highs, however the daily candle is a reversal candle, it might make sense to look at the pullback support area that is the weekly and daily Keltner Channel top at $390, ATR $4.65 means we can make moves to the upside and downside. A healthy pullback is good for the overall market and can assist in continued moves to the upside

IWM – I called this last week and see even more room to the upside we could stand for a pullback at the weekly top around $241.80. We have an ATR of $3.58 that can really help us move on up – This is still one of my favorites, look for individual names to rally

Here are the ADR’s of interest this week, $JD, $BABA, $PDD – I see some strength taking hold in these names and like JD the most, it has some serious bullish divergence and should play nice this week.

Again, I remind you that using FlowTrade yourself to monitor the algo and dark pool trend is going to give you the most confidence, if you check them weekly and study their behavior. It will take time for you to learn. Don’t trade while you are learning and don’t let a tool confirm your bias, or keep you in trade that isn’t panning out. Risk management is key for any trading strategy. I have seen some folks rush into using the software without really exercising patience. Seek to scrutinize everything. Review the sector ETFs, commodity ETFs, Individual stock leaders and see for yourself, and pick the strongest divergent or confluent stocks you can find to trade.

FlowTrade should be an important part of your setup going into the end of the year. Get your Free Trial HERE

$SPY – little choppy with the algo this week.
QQQ – at all time highs and the algo is moving with price
IWM weekly algo divergence

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